Taking things for granted

Things I have realised how much we take for granted in the UK...

  • at least a bed to yourself as you grow up. let alone a room.
  • people obeying traffic lights
  • electricity all the time
  • electricity (and therefore lights) and running water in a school.
  • access to textbooks
  • children with shoes
  • people knowing that we don't have giraffes etc in the UK (even a grown and educated kenyan friend had not realised... she had always assumed white people just love big animals... that revelation made me luagh)
  • paths that are not mega muddy when it rains
  • toilets has seats and bowls, and flush.
  • that everyone has chocolate whenever they fancy it
  • hat everyone has food whenever they fancy it.

As soon as I post this, I will think of ten more.

Appreciation is good.