All over the place

This was written a few days ago, but due to technical issue I couldn't load it.

Things have been pretty busy here this week. Each day I have been teaching in the centre of the Mathare Slum. The walk is pretty eye-opening. As it has rained it is pretty muddy and slippy, but I have got used to jumping over the open sewers and crossing the bridge over the river which is clogged with all kinds of stinking human waste. I was particularly amazed to see men wading through the sludge and detritus to try find nails. Desperation knows no end. I am often greeted by cheery children and adults, and sometimes particularly enthusiastically by a mentally disturbed man. School is from 8-12.40 but I don’t teach all that time. The classroom is a bit bigger but every desk appears broken in some way. The children are pretty behind, and some struggle to be motivated, but they are good children. We certainly had a lot of fun he days the camera came out. I also managed to get a tour of the new classrooms Bradford Grammar (my school at home) contributed to.

In the afternoons I have done a variety of things. Helping with a music class ran by a short term missions team, going to Masai market, going to see the giraffes (I kissed one), and visiting Kariobangi children’s home to give out gifts bought with money raised by parents in my school.

Friday afternoon, I went from school to Kisumu (over 7 hours by road). The question goes ‘Which side of the road do Kenyans drive on?’ ‘The side with least potholes’ comes the answer. It is true.

On Saturday I visited the Maseno children’s home and gave some money the lovely parents, staff and children raised at school. It will now provide for essentials for a month, they would have struggled without it. I also met with Pastor Amina and Bob, and gave them money from Godstuff. It is fun to give money that is not even mine!

I then went to Lake Victoria (a non touristy part), a hydroelectric plant and saw its inner workings! We went up to the dam which was a pretty great view. The sunset was spectacular by the lake.

I stayed at Bishop Daniel’s rural family home last night. It gives ‘off the beaten track’ a new meaning, as it is 10-15 min off road along a pitted muddy path. The stars were amazing, and I saw my first two shooting stars, and the Milky Way! Amazing! This morning I have visited Bishop Dan’s school right near his house, which is pretty bare (walls, desks and blackboards only), but giving children a good education.