Kenya Sandwich

 For those who don't know me, Hi. I am known mainly as Elanor, Ellie, El or Miss Clucas. I am Bob's daughter, and he have ended up becoming what he rather loftily calls the 'Africa correspondent for Godstuff'. I have been to Kenya three times before on various trips, often linked to the work of Mathare Community Outreach (MCO). I am a primary school teacher based in Leeds, working at Bradford Grammar Junior School, and a member of St George's Church.

This summer all is set ready to do a 'Kenya Sandwich'. I am doing a trip to Kenya directly between two camps (Kingsmead Falcon Camp (for 11-14 year olds), and Fulneck @ Ripon Venture Camp (for 14-18 year olds) respectively). I leave tomorrow (30th July) for Kingsmead, which is based in the Wirrel, then I shall leave a few days early, on Thursday evening, take a rest day on the Friday, and fly on Saturday 6th August. I come back on the 24th August and hopefully I shall get to Ripon for the 25th! This is sheer madness, but I feel God wants me to go for it!

What am I up to in Kenya?

This year I will be helping in an MCO school in Mathare Valley Slum (click the link for photos). Whilst not being the biggest slum, it is often regarded as one of the worst in all off Africa. I will be taking one of the booster classes for upper primary school. As many children will have missed chunks of education and have to deal with phenomenal obstacles in their lives, these classes are there to help them as they prepare for exams that determine whether they continue with their education beyond primary level.

I will be staying with my kind hosts Bishop Daniel Ogutu and his family, who run the charity. Hopefully, I will also be visiting Maseno Children's Home, which is a reasonably new project out near Lake Victoria in one of the weekends. I also hope to find news on behalf of Godstuff of pastor and projects we have had contact with over many years. This year, my school has donated some money to help rebuilt some classrooms in Mathare that had been destroyed in the fire, I hope to be able to bring back  of progress too. All that shall be mixed up with seeing old friends, and making new ones, learning more Swahili and about the Kenyan culture, and having lots of fun.

Prayer Requests

I would be grateful if you could support me in prayer, should you wish to.

  • For energy, stamina and health in such a busy time, especially just as I arrive in Kenya (despite careful plans to not do an overnight flight, the flights have been changed to an overnight flight).
  • Adaptability and usefulness as I teach. I currently don't know the plans, resources, or the children. It will be vastly different to what I know in Yorkshire (no lightbulbs, let alone interactive whiteboards).
  • Safety, especially on the roads and as I travel alone.
  • A closeness in my relationship with God as I deal with things, especially emotionally.

Thank you very much, and may God bless you! Bwana Asifiwe (Praise the Lord)