A new adventure!

Hi all, 

This is El restarting the blog on the eve of a new adventure to Kenya. This time I will not be alone!

Pete Rawlinson, Will Talbot and I are heading to Nairobi tomorrow for a two and a half week trip. Last year Bishop Dan asked me to fundraise and organise a camp this summer. It has been a huge undertaking, and it has stretched me already but we can't wait.

Back safe

I am now back in my flat for a night before I go to camp, in the morning.

On the last few days, I went on a morning safari in Nairobi National Park. Then had a big meeting with bishop Dan about plans for next year. Details to come soon. Yesterday morning I went to visit three children who live in the slums. They all live in a small one roomed home with all their family. One shared a small bed with his brother, but the other two slept on the floor every night. God really rammed this home as I had to sleep on the floor of Doha airport on a very long transfer. Uncomfortable!

All over the place

This was written a few days ago, but due to technical issue I couldn't load it.

Crazy moments and sensible news

Crazy moments so far

Taking things for granted

Things I have realised how much we take for granted in the UK...

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