All over the place

This was written a few days ago, but due to technical issue I couldn't load it.

Crazy moments and sensible news

Crazy moments so far

Taking things for granted

Things I have realised how much we take for granted in the UK...

The first few days

Hello from Nairobi! This is a long post, forgive me, but it gives a good idea of what work is like.

Off we go...

So Falcon camp is done (for me at least, it finishes properly tomorrow) and I am at my sister and brother-in-law's house. I am being looked after well, making sure I am rested before I fly tomorrow. Camp went really well, it is such a previlage to give a great holiday to young people who could use one. Thank you for praying!

I shall be flying out around 1.30 on Saturday (tomorrow) ariving just after 6am Kenya time on the Sunday. I hopefully we get on with work from Monday morning!

Prayer requests:

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