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Short or Long story - the rest of the trip.


Lots of people have mentioned that they are looking forward to hearing the rest of the stories etc, but I know many of you won’t see me for a while. Others may have caught up already or will do soon. So you have the luxury of two options. A quicker version shall be under 50 words, with no promises regarding grammar. The long version can be read at leisure, but you are under no obligation to read it. It is long, but I have tried to make it interesting and fun. You could print it out and stick it in your loo to read...

Under 50 word blurb version.

Nearly the end


This is a short blog this time despite so much that has happened.

The main thing is that God is FAITHFUL and the camp went very well. Many children came to know God personally and had a fun time with it. We have done the big travels with no major incident, and even when I was ill God healed quickly.

All three of us are tired and looking forward to familiarity.

2nd August

Very tired, but the training went really well. Yey. Praise God. The team were able to open up and get to know each other and catch the vision and new ideas. Lots of positive feedback.

We are travelling to Maseno tomorrow to prep before the camp (which starts Monday), with a different driver than mentioned yesterday (tomorrow's guy is called Patrick, we know him, he is great and fun).

Very tired.

Going to bed

Keep praying, prayers are being answered.

We don't know when we will get internet again, so keep praying.

Wednesday 1st August

By Will

Classic Kenyan timings on leaving this morning. A planned 8am leaving time was gently but firmly removed to 9.40. Still, a glorious sunny morning none the less. Our daily drive across the city was given extra interest when our driver may have had a minor mental lapse (possible epileptic fit?), while cruising at around 70mph.

Tuesday 31st July

Today we started we a slow morning, sleeping in late as the lack of sleep from the flight hit us.

We spent the day sorting finances an shopping for equipment. With changing exchange rates, budget issues and lots of things to buy etc it has not been without frustrations. I have not found it easy, feeling like everyone wants a piece of me, but we got there slowly and it got better by the end of the day, thanks to answered prayers.

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