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Monday 30th July

We had a pretty good flight, although none of us got much sleep. Praise God for safety, though, we arrived well.

We had a brief rest, but got rushed onto Outreach Community Church’s base at number 10 Mathare Valley. It was fantastic to meet Social Worker Paul, as he has been instrumental in the organisation and communication of the camp from the Kenya end. We seem to be on the same page and it is good to learn from each other.

A new adventure!

Hi all, 

This is El restarting the blog on the eve of a new adventure to Kenya. This time I will not be alone!

Pete Rawlinson, Will Talbot and I are heading to Nairobi tomorrow for a two and a half week trip. Last year Bishop Dan asked me to fundraise and organise a camp this summer. It has been a huge undertaking, and it has stretched me already but we can't wait.

Back safe

I am now back in my flat for a night before I go to camp, in the morning.

On the last few days, I went on a morning safari in Nairobi National Park. Then had a big meeting with bishop Dan about plans for next year. Details to come soon. Yesterday morning I went to visit three children who live in the slums. They all live in a small one roomed home with all their family. One shared a small bed with his brother, but the other two slept on the floor every night. God really rammed this home as I had to sleep on the floor of Doha airport on a very long transfer. Uncomfortable!

All over the place

This was written a few days ago, but due to technical issue I couldn't load it.

Crazy moments and sensible news

Crazy moments so far

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