Godstuff supports the African Pastors Fellowship in Kenya as well as taking an intrest in education in the country. We sent Elanor clucas there recently to run a camp for 50 children from Mathare valley. check out her blog for more information. in 2011we sent Alasdair Munday to work in the learning support department at the Kathmandu International Study Centre in Nepal.

Alasdair In Kathmandu

Godstuff gap year volunteer Alasdair Munday has been invited to be a teaching assistant in maths and IT at the Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC) in Kathmandu, Nepal. This Christian school Has been set up for the children of missionaries and Aid workers so that they can continue their work in nepal Without worrying about their children's education.

Alasdair was invited to volunteer at KISC when Diedre Zimmerman (a family friend with children studying at KISC) heared that Alasdair was on a gap year. Alasdair then agreed with the school to stay with them between the 21st of january and the 19th of june. This is frustratingly one week from the end of their summer term but, due to visa issues, it isnt possible to stay longer.

While Alasdair was out there He worked in the study support department, helping pupils that where having problems with maths and science.

Learn more about KISC at www.kisc.edu.np

Read about Alasdair's travels in Alasdair's Blog


Elanor's visit 2011 

Eleanor clucas visited in the summer of 2011 (sandwiched between kingsmead and the CYFA holiday.) She went to teach at a secondary school in Mathare Valley slum, helping some of the lower ability children with study for their end of year exams. she was also sent with some money from godstuff to put into some projects around kenya,. You can read more about her travels on: 

Elanor's Kenya Blog

The History (Bob's first missionary journey with APF)

In 2002 Bob Clucas was invited by Bishop Henry Partridge of Meru Diocese, Kenya
to help with training at an African Pastors' Fellowship conference. The African Pastors'
is an interdenominational fellowship of churches and individuals
concerned for the growth of the Christian Church in Africa. He then
travelled around Kenya with Ralph and Jayne Hanger of APF seeing their projects
and helping on two other training courses at Kisumu and Nairobi. The trip was
very successful but the last week was very frustrating as the training was
severely curtailed due to the slums being unsafe because of political unrest

The Second Invitation
Bob was invited by Bishop Daniel Oguto of Outreach Community Church to return
to the Mathare Valley slumbs of Nairobi to do training and offer encouragement.
His wife, Ann, was also  invited to help and encourage teachers in the slum

Other Visits

Bob went on several other visits to Kenya, including with Gill and Elanor in 2005. Since then Elanor has returned another 2 times particularly visiting the slum projects ran by Outreach Community Church. She is planning to go again in August 2011. To follow her progress, please read Elanor's Blog and see the photos here.