Sketches and Monologues

Free dramas, monologues, scripts, skits, poems, short plays, and dialogues for comunicating the Gospel. For Christian Youthwork, All Age Church, missions, seeker services.

Over a period of time we will add some more tips and guidelines for good practice using sketches and monologues. Meanwhile the introduction to the book Drama Verses Sketches linked below is a good starting point.

21st Century Commitment


21st Century Commitment Shop 1


a sketch by


Bob Clucas



Cast: Sir – a sales assistant

Rich – a customer

Voice off – a receptionist


Props: a sales desk, a name plate saying ‘Sir’, a pamphlet

The scene is a rather surreal shop. A smoke machine might help. Perhaps Rich is dreaming.

Two players are needed plus a voice off stage. Both players can have a script in front of them, one on the counter or clipboard and Rich can have one in his pamphlet. The word ‘Sir’ should be on the counter in front of the sales assistant.

The character of Sir should be played with some diffidence. There may at some point be further sketches written in which Rich returns and tries to improve Sir's marketing. Rich is a salesman. He is the one that wants to do a deal.

Parts of the sketch may not seem to make sense. This is intentional. It echoes John's gospel where Jesus often seems to answer a different question from the one that was asked. Click on the link below to download the sketch.

As the sketch begins ‘Sir’ is behind the counter and Rich is offstage.


TwentyFirstCentury.pdf50.69 KB

Evangelism Training Sketch

This sketch is about whether you can be trained in evangelism or wholeheartedness or the absurdity of modern Christianity or something anyway, I think Steve must have wrote this one while I wasn't looking. The pdf link in "Attachments" is the whole printable page.

The inspiration for this sketch was the Pirate Training on the Million Dollar Radio show on the BBC.

Suitable for Church on many themes or youth group. Clearly useful for end of Luke or start of Acts. 


Seb and Lucinda might be played as people off "The Apprentice". Peter might be dressed as a fisherman from Galilee (sandals without socks, tea towel optional).



EvangelismTrainingSketch.pdf891.41 KB

Monologue - Lurve


Lurve 2010


A man sits at a computer, or stands holding a personal communication device (a phone, durr)


I've got this great new application. Just got to download Lurve2010 and it will tell me everything I need to do to be more loving.


Let's see. Click here and yes, it's coming through. Downloading ap now.


Brilliant. I'm so excited. Save all that awkward time trying to work out what to say to people. Especially women. Hey, I'll be able to walk up to complete strangers, beautiful women and have the perfect chat up line.


Fantastic. I'm not having much success with 'See that Porsche in the car-park; well mine's the Nissan Micra next to it.'


OK. Here we go.


'Before installing Lurve2010 please read the user agreement and tick the box. OK let's just check scroll down. And down. And down. And, oh I'm bored they're all the same, I'll just tick the box that I've read it.


And here we go downloading now, oh another dialogue box. 'This is a large application and may take some time to download.' OK, I've got time. I suppose I'd better keep an eye on it (I hate this bit) in case it needs a click every now and again.


'Your device may need to restart several times and various outdated applications will have to be removed.'


Click OK.


'Checking for relevant software.'


'Found 7 programmes.'


'Click OK to Delete Anger 97, Bitterness 98, Revenge 98, Insensitivity 01 (This is a large file and deletion may take a few minutes), Insensitivity 02, Laziness 03 and Impatience with Unkindness 05.'


Wow. I don't remember installing them.


'Also Lust 95 which has now been removed and reinstalled on several occasions.'




'Now downloading Lurve2010. Please breathe deeply during this process.'


'Installing forgiveness wizard.'


'Saving to fruit directory.'


Fruit directory?




'Click Help.'


The fruit directory has now overwritten all previous negative applications with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.


SELF CONTROL? 'Click to continue.' (click real hard)


'Warning. Before attempting to use this software for the first time please read Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23 and John 19. The developer of this software found he had to lay down his life for his friends. Please note Lurve2010 is free but, as you agreed when signing the licence, the cost may be everything you have.'


Everything I have. I should have read the small print properly.


Still, now, it's opening.


Please go immediately to ap ... (hooray it's working) ... ap... ap... (this is taking so long) ap - ologise

Pub Sketch - Sower

Pub Sketch

The parable of the publican

A bar-keeper is standing behind a table doing bar-keepery things (drying glasses with a towel, chopping lemons etc). S(H)e is half paying attention to the customer with his/her back to him/her (facing audience) who is talking on a mobile phone.

In this sketch a person discussing the production of a sketch with a friend ends up being advised by a bar-keeper. As a result of the conversation with the bar-keeper the Parable of the Sower is explained clearly and simply.

This is a two actor sketch and one of the actors may legitimately be holding a piece of paper. It lasts approximately three minutes.

Click on the link below for the formatted sketch.



Pub sketch1.pdf37.16 KB