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We have recently acquired the back catalogue of Bible based youth from CPAS. We are working on a number of ways to make these available. If you want any of them before we have a working system then please use the Contact Us tab and we will see what we can do.

You Can Click on some of the covers to go to their pages and free downloads. Or if you prefer to click on good old fashioned words then go to the bottom of the page.

if you would Like a free sample pdf  for any of these books then email our webmaster

Also coming soon:

  • Didn't He used to be dead
  • Harping on
  • Just about Coping
  • Know Ideas        also 2, 3 and 4
  • Powered up
  • Where do we begin 
  • You'd better believe it   also Too

Another brick in the wall – 10 complete sessions on Nehemiah for youth groups


Take some leaders, a youth group and ten sessions on nehimiah and start building. 

This great resource, provides everything you’ll need to construct a complete programme that gets to grips with the story of god’s master builder.Based on a rich choice of active learning strategies, Another brick in the wall tackles key issues of trusting, serving and obeying god today.

The attached PDF contains the complete introduction and first session of the book, so download it and try it out. If you aren’t pleased with this free session we’ll give you your money back!











Another Brick in the Wall Preview.pdf11.01 MB

Completely Committed - 10 sessions on 2 Corinthians


Who gets letters like these?

Well, the apostle Paul wasn’t your average pen pal. He was dealing with the first century church, with all its politics, moral and ethical issues, laws and leadership. A pretty tall order, by any standard

Authors Steve Tilley and Emma Sargeant present this ten session resource on 2 Corinthians - a book which contains arguably some of the most tense, varied and complex relationship issues in the bible.

Using creative worship, Bible-based games and discussion, your young people will get to grips with criticism, consistency, hardships, generosity and pride.

And that's just for starters. with this resource they'll have the chance to discover what it really means to be a Christian - what it means to be completely committed to Jesus.







Completely commited preview.pdf13.86 MB

Dead End?







What if someone faced death full on and, well, sort of flattened it?

It would be some special kind of person

Worth getting to know

Good to have on your side.

Here are ten sessions to tackle the last rights and wrongs of life, death and eternity -

not to mention black as the ultimate fashion choice.

Brought to you by Steve Tilley

its dead serious. Dead funny, Dead good.



Dead End preview.pdf16 MB

Drama Verses Sketches 2


A second volume of thought provoking sketches and verses, carefully indexed by subject matter and bible passage, to help liven up various times of corperate worship. Inside you'll find sketches for seekers, children and young people and a few that will only work when the curtain is drawn back on something scarily alternative.

the book also has some poems, some of which rhyme perfectly and may cause laughter in church, others are so thought provoking they need to be handed out for the congregation to dwell on.

you are free to photocopy the pages from the book to give to your actors and adapt them as you wish. In fact, as with any of our resources, as long as you're using them to teach the bible, we dont care what you do with them.

So Don your angel wings, swords and viking hats and get acting.


Poem: Apprentice

Poem: Apprentice

Poem: Clearly Jesus

Poem: Clearly Jesus

Drama Verses Sketches

Below is the Introduction to the book, Drama verses Sketches by Bob and Steve.

At the foot of this introduction are links to a couple of sample sketches.

Good dramas ask questions rather than answer tnem. some of the dramas in this book do that. Others merely seek to entertain or introduce a theme. The meaning of one or two of the sketches is unclear. To some extent we go along with Andy Warhol who said, 'If I knew what it meant I wou|dn’t have painted it,' or something like that and it may not have been him. If we knew what some of these sketches meant we wouIdn't have written them as sketches. If you want us to speak to you clearly then invite us to preach — we all do it. There are a couple of sketches where we’re grinding an axe. We’re not sure if we’re sharpening it or blunting it but there’s definitely a rasping noise.
The sketches are quite straightforward to perform. Most require only two actors and few props. Whilst excellent drama involves being liberated from the script (so learn it) some of these could be done holding it and reading. Some are designed to look as if the players should be holding a clipboard. Clever, eh?
Casting is very important for success (just ask an angler or someone in orthopaedics). Much humour can be obtained by casting well-known church characters in incongruous roles. The minister’s wife/husband as Pontius Pilate will get a laugh in most churches.
If you worship at the type of church where laughter is banned you may regret the purchase of this book. Never mind. Regret is just one of the many back doors to change.
There is, though, no substitute for talent. Try to use people in sketches who have the mysterious 'it’. The sort of people you look at and say, *I don*t know what ”it" is but they’ve certainly got it.' 'It’ can't be learned but it can be developed. Be willing to be surprised by talent developing where you don't expect it, especially in teenagers. If you don*t give them a chance to try, it won't. Whatever *it* is, it includes good .......................................................................
............................................. timing.

That joke works better verbally.

Stage directions have been kept to a minimum. That doesn’t mean the sketches should be performed without any action. It means you have to work it out for yourself. Most of the characters in the sketches can be male or female. You may want to adapt the material in other ways to fit your local situation. Feel free. If you use drama regularly, it is worth collecting together a props box. We've suggested some sound effects (FX). Recorded effects are available from record shops and libraries.
In many of the sketches you will find a fairly obvious Bible reading as a companion. Decide if you want to place the sketch before or after the reading. Drama is not meant to be a substitute for Bible reading.

Childline - A solo sketch about Abraham and Issac

Evangelism Training - A sketch that's not about Evangelism or Training



This sketch is a sample from the Drama verses Sketches book.

If you would like to see the whole sketch then click on the pdf link.

childline.pdf1.05 MB

Me You Us Them

Relationships; A tricky buisness.

Not just boyfriend/girlfriend stuff, although heaven knows thats complicated enough -  but families, school friends, the generation gap at church and even virtual relationships over the net. Whats the bible got to say? How can you, the youth leader, help? Here are ten sessions that may, just, save your life. Or theirs. Thanks for checking this book out. Why not buy it? We'll be your best friend.

Free preview available down below. If you want to know more, send us a message at the contact us section of the site. 

Me You Us Them Sample.pdf14.23 MB

Outlawed by Grace

10 complete sessions on Galatians!

see below for the preview

Outlawed by Grace preview.pdf11.16 MB

The End is in Sight

They've been asking for ages. You've been nervous, but now you've found the tool to help you do it. Ten sessions on the book of Revelation to help your youth group get to terms with Gods last words. So go on, teach your way through death, judgement and Jesus' return.


The futures bright; the futures arranged.

The End is in Sight Preview.pdf10.45 MB

Theme Park

You're ready? Your youth groups ready?

Sure? Climb aboard no turning back. Deep breath.

We're off - on a brain buzzing, faith stretching zoom through the keu zones of the big, big BIG book.

theme park's G-force journey plunges you deep into thirty major Bible themes:

Calling, Church, Conversion, Covenant, the Cross - And that's just the C's!


Hey relax we've provided all the icebreakers and creative ideas you'll need for an outrageous odyssey through God's written revelation.

See below for a free preview.

Theme Park Preview.pdf14.98 MB