Last year and this one

what I've been up to over the last couple of months working with bob and what this year holds in store for me. 

I'ts been a brilliant 5 months working as a volunteer for godstuff, I've recieved some brilliant training and seen some really good work in various churches in warwickshire. We've also seen some really exciting development with some young christians, some of whom came to the faith just this summer at our fulneck cyfa venture. we've been running an informal cell group with these young people just for us to pray together, study and discuss the bible and support each other in our walks with jesus. This year however I'm getting a chance to utilise my new skills in a trip to nepal, where I am going to teach maths at an international christian school in kathmandu and hopefuly get involved in church life and christian youthgroups in the area. I will be very excited to see worship in such a different setting and hope to learn even more about building young people in their faith and also having a practical input into their everyday lives. I'd greatly apreciate your prayers while I'm out there and I'll try and keep my blog updated so you can hear all about my trip. Peace Alasdair Munday p.s. If you want to know more about KISC check out: