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Yes please, milk but no sugar.

I hope to go again in September, funds permitting. I have been for two or three weeks, for each of the last four years and there is a great deal of work to be done.

Well yes, we suppose it is but that is intentional. We wanted the layout to be straightforward and text-based. That way it is easy for people to pinch bits by cutting and pasting if they want to. We also are aware that some people have semi-obsolete machines and will be running browsers that cannot cope with fancy web-sites. So we stick to boring text, layout and simple pictures in order that pages download quickly and are easy to find. We hope over the coming months to build the amount of content on the site. The content will be useful for people who want to teach the Bible or introduce people to God.

Yes indeed, in fact we believe in getting them to do as much of the work as possible. We can see why some people think there is a conflict between women in church leadership or ministry and a conservative view of the Bible. We think that the New Testament writers were working in an environment where there was no positive model for the leadership of women in the church. Women were not allowed to speak in Jewish worship and in pagan worship the main model was temple prostitution. So for women to be actively involved in the ministry of the church would have been scandalous. Now we live in a society where it is regarded as scandalous that women are not treated as equal. We are told in Luke chapter 8 that Jesus had women ministering to him and his disciples on the road . The idea that Paul who was a Pharisee was actually considering what role women should have in church leadership is pretty amazing. He decided that women should not be allowed to speak, mainly on the grounds that the church would be brought into disrepute if they did. We at Godstuff are very happy to train women to preach and some of our best students are female.

Yes, but I couldn't eat a whole one.

Yes, what time do need to be there?

Well we suppose it is an organisation but it is a very small one. And since Bob Clucas is a key part of it, it has a tendency to be very disorganised. So we suppose we could call it a disorganisation. We are bothered by this in a way but also accept that Bob's nature is that he is a pool of chaos. A very deep pool. Our belief is that chaos is very creative. This is the sort of stuff Bob writes without an editor taking him in hand:

'One thing that many people do not realise is that God is the lord of chaos. In the beginning the world was formless and empty and God said 'Let there be....'. But then I suppose that's a really shallow thing to say because God is the lord of everything. Or is it? I don't know. Does it move our thought along to think of specifics within the generality of God is the lord of everything? I think he does. When we make a statement "God is the lord of darkness" it surely states something that is true in yet surprising. We have been misled into thinking that the devil is the lord of darkness but it is untrue.'

There is something deeply, chaotically beautiful about this but we will try never to let unedited Bob appear on the site again.

Oh yes please, mine's a pint.

Of course. All our income comes from donations and we are a registered charity.Yes. Much of the work of the disorganisation has been done by young people on internships, year-out schemes or simply turning up and looking bored and staying for a fortnight. Ask us if you're interested; or contact Careforce, who run year-out schemes professionally.

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Malteezers are not made of pumice
I used to, but not any more
Someone told me exactly that, but I had to disagree, if only because they were arguing from the rather obtuse point of view of a penguin desperate for Espresso