Crazy moments and sensible news

Crazy moments so far

  • Running in the pouring rain to get chicken and chips (how British)
  • Going to a Kenyan wedding... with an Indian theme.
  • Ending up saying a small speech at the wedding, despite having only learnt their names during the service!
  • Learning chords on a ukelele (however it is spelt)
  • Teaching Kenyan kids a kiswahili song they don't even know.
  • Slipping and sliding through the mud of Mathare after rain (at least we hoped it was mud).
  • Reading by oil lamp during a black out and praising God for sit down toilets in that same black out.

Sensible News

My teaching is going well, with only a few organisational hiccups. I loved last week's class and this week I am in Standard 7 (our year 8, but not necessarily our level of learning of year 8). In the afternoons I am scheduled to do all sorts of things including visiting Kariobangi home, seeing the giraffes and goign to the Masai market. The plan is to go to Maseno out near Lake Victoria to visit one of the other children's homes this weekend. Then at the beginning of next week I hope to visit the National Park for the day.

Prayer Requests

  • I am teaching drugs education as part of Science this week. This is a delicate yet really important topic for children in Mathare as it is a huge problem. Please pray for wisdom as I teach it and for the message getting through.
  • Safety as I travel within and outside Nairobi.
  • God speaking clearly about the future.