Wednesday 1st August

By Will

Classic Kenyan timings on leaving this morning. A planned 8am leaving time was gently but firmly removed to 9.40. Still, a glorious sunny morning none the less. Our daily drive across the city was given extra interest when our driver may have had a minor mental lapse (possible epileptic fit?), while cruising at around 70mph.

Today was shopping day. And we did indeed make good progress and visited many a Nairobi boutique in the search of all this stationary, shoe-y, sporty (the highlight being a cricket bat for £2.30) and even some edible objet d'ar. All of this and an impromptu visit to a chief of security for me, for threatening to take covert photos of envelopes. It was a worrying half an hour for all.

We should also pay tribute El for her courageous handling of a relatively difficult meeting on the structure of each camp day, however all now is sorted and agreed all round, praise God. All in all, it has been a good day, in so far as all has gone to plan, only a very few things need acquiring tomorrow.

Quote of the Day: (on the subject of being driven around Nairobi)

“I find it quite relaxing. Apart from the possibility of imminent death of course.” - Will (El insisted I put this)

In all seriousness, if you fancy praying then here is a short list:

·         Training: El is running training for the entire team tomorrow, and is a bit nervous. Please pray that God would give her confidence, and help in explaining the vision for the camp.

·         Travelling: This mornings adventure shook us all up a bit. Please pray for continued safety on the roads, not only for us, but for all who work out here.

·         Teaching: Pete and I still have talks to write for camp, and having seen the slum, we are having to rethink quite a lot about what we were going to say. Please pray that we would find the inspiration and wisdom to know how to approach the meaning of the cross and the resurrection for these children.


Many thanks, hope you have enjoyed this :) be blessed.

El'nor (how they pronounce it here), Pete and Will