Kathmandu - first few days

I've arrived :) I got to kathmandu on the 21st and things are crazy! the culture is so unbelievably different. the traffic "system" is quite interesting, It involves a complex system of blowing the horn and not looking behind you. I've met aproximately a gazillion people and every one of them is awesome, I'm sharing a house with 3 other kisc teachers, Amanda - An ausie, who only found out she was the head of the english faculty after she arrived, Megan - a brit from surrey who goes crazy when the sun comes out, and Jonny - Another brit from stoke, teaching PE and who has the habit of blowing hair from his eyes aproximately every two minutes. I've been placed in the study support department, as a TA in a couple of maths and physics classes and doing one to one sessions with students. This is the first time i've ever done anything even slightly like this so prayer would be good :) I see my First student this afternoon so I should get preparing :)

I'll write again soon