From Bob to Church Leaders

I am resigning from parish responsibilities at the end of December this year. I hope to have a light month or four in early 2016. After that I am willing to take a break from wildlife gardening (watching weeds grow - see pictures) if opportunities for ministry of the Word happen.

I am available for simple talks about Christian faith to non-believers and Bible teaching to refresh Christians. I will continue to do youth work on holidays and will be willing to do occasional talks to young people. I'd love to do the speaking at some church weekends if any of my friends trust me.

I am particularly interested in delivering storytelling evenings which pick out one strand of a story from the Bible. These are entertaining and refreshing for people of faith or no faith. There are typically four sections of talk separated by refreshing glasses and culturally appropriate snacks. So comfy seating is desirable. The titles that are available are "The eight wives and one hot water bottle of King David", "Jacob and sons – a study in deceit and cunning", "An evening with Elijah and Bob Clucas", and "Four funerals, a wedding in a couple of picnics". Please note the one about the life of Jesus is not written yet so I would need a week or two’s notice.

I still do occasional “FRUIT?” training sessions for groups of youth and children's leaders and I'm currently working on “FRUIT?” for churches and will need some churches to experiment on. Progress on this and other project will be found on this blog

We do not expect any financial remuneration for any of the above, but contributions to expenses would be useful.

The best way to contact me is on our landline (01926) is the code and  613739 is the local number and I do pick up voicemail on that line. My email is clucas469   at or Bob Clucas (no space at but I confess to not checking as often as I should so if you want a response, text me to tell me you sent me an email. (sorry about clumsy phone and email descriptions to try to fool computers collecting contact data)