21st Century Commitment


21st Century Commitment Shop 1


a sketch by


Bob Clucas



Cast: Sir – a sales assistant

Rich – a customer

Voice off – a receptionist


Props: a sales desk, a name plate saying ‘Sir’, a pamphlet

The scene is a rather surreal shop. A smoke machine might help. Perhaps Rich is dreaming.

Two players are needed plus a voice off stage. Both players can have a script in front of them, one on the counter or clipboard and Rich can have one in his pamphlet. The word ‘Sir’ should be on the counter in front of the sales assistant.

The character of Sir should be played with some diffidence. There may at some point be further sketches written in which Rich returns and tries to improve Sir's marketing. Rich is a salesman. He is the one that wants to do a deal.

Parts of the sketch may not seem to make sense. This is intentional. It echoes John's gospel where Jesus often seems to answer a different question from the one that was asked. Click on the link below to download the sketch.

As the sketch begins ‘Sir’ is behind the counter and Rich is offstage.


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