Sick as a parrot

Ok so I spent just under two weeks sick and unable to go in to school but thats fine :) I just need to make sure I dont drink the water again...

other than that things have been awesome, I've been teaching much more in the student support department than I thought I would be, but thats turning out to be a really rewarding experience, and I'm descovering just how much I like tutoring maths, which I never thought I would. the only problem with work so far has been the grade 1 and 2 (same as y1and 2) IT class which has been interesting as there is no scheme of work, I have no training in behavioural management of 5-7 year olds, and we have almost no specific IT resources for that agegroup, It has been fun though, (forgeting the extremely whiny MR MUNDAY I CANT DO IT, MR MUNDAY WHY is MY MOUSE BROKEN, Mr MUNDAY WHAT DOES Th... thhh...the... mean???)  the kids are great as long as you make them pretend that their bottom is glued to the floor with magic glue and that you somehow have magic powers that mean they have to do everything they say. Primary teachers I salute you with awe.

Anyway, It turns out my line manager doesnt want me to teach those classes any more because I need the time to figure out what to do with my maths tutees...tutorees... maths students. so thats all good :) I've found maths is much mor enjoyable for me and for the kids if we're all drawing on the whiteboard doing questions that can obviously be applied to real life :) My line manager kim is awesome, I'm working in the shared english, ESL (english as a second language) and study support office. on my right I have sandra oh, an australian who has been in kathmandu for the last two years working in ESL, she's verry short but makes up for it in character, behind me is my aussie housemate amanda, who I've told you about before and on my right is Kim thorpe, my line manager, the legend who has been in nepal for ages, married to a man in the brittish army, out here working with the ghurkas.

outside school, things have been interesting aswell, I was preparing to go on a motorcycle trip to the tibetan border with a bunch of guys, but since I was ill I didnt get enough time to practice and so, (after a minor collision on the way to the bike rent shop where we where meeting to leave this morning), I decided I'd give it a few more weeks before I go on a major adventure. also I need to take some rest after being Ill.

But at least now I can ride a motorbike, the last time I tried it in england I dropped the clutch, shot forward, forgot to use both brakes so my back wheel lifted up, and screamed like a girl...

all excitement is not lost however as I am planning to go paragliding sometime next weekend :) exciting :)

but this weekend, since all my friends are riding to the tibetan border I'm a little stuck for things to do... I'm determined to make it count though, as I could be doing something amazing right now, instead I'm sitting in cafe soma with my laptop, reading my lonely planet guide, trying to figure out if its worth getting the bus to chandrakot, having a cup of chiya, admiring the view then getting the bus back.

I'll tell you what I decided next time :)


Miss you all so much, pray for me and the safety of my friends as they tackle the nepali roads :)

p.s. I havent been taking enough photos, I promise I'll have more next time I write :)