Godstuff employs a senior trainer  part-time. Bob is particularly interested in teaching people how to handle God's word in a powerful and effective way but is also an experienced trainer in areas of youth ministry. We are especially concerned to support youth leaders, paid or volunteer.

Bob is currently geared up to train people under the following headings

  1. Handling God's Word
  2. Preaching and doing informal talks (four session course or a taster)
  3. Sessions on leading service for the uninitiated - How to alienate them and Jargon Busting (work in progress - be the first)
  4. Basic Christian Youth Work -
    1. FRUIT?
    2. Surviving and thriving
    3. Youth Group programmes for beginners

If you want some training in Christian ministry and leadership for your church or would like to help organise something in your area Please ring Bob on the number below.

If you are interested in FRUIT? you probably got here because of Steve Tilleys new book. Call Bob.

Revd. Bob Clucas is on a Leamington Spa Warwick Code (01926) Number 817318