Moving along nicely

Its been a while since my last blog post, but thats mainly because i've been so busy.

When I came out here I thought my work at kisc would be sitting at the back of maths classrooms and helping kids add one and two together, this isnt entirely what's been happening though. Having been placed in the study support department, what I've really been doing is helping kids with specific learning needs (sln: dyslexia etc.) with their studies, I take kids one to one for about an hour a week and look at whatever work they've been doing and what they need help with and taking it from there. I've probably already told you this, but i dont think I've put it clearly yet so there it is, thats what I do. This work is quite challenging for me as I've had no accademic teacher training, but my line manager, kim, seems pretty happy with my work so thats good.

I've been learing alot from this work aswell, these kids quite often have problems with their procsessing speed or working memory (two areas where I also have sln), so this has been teaching me alot about how I subconciously compensate for my problems. This is really intresting as Its helping me to develop my strategies while helping the kids to accieve to their full potential.

The other side of this job is confidence building, as alot of these kids have been led to believe that they are just unintelligent which is entirely untrue for most cases, this is one of the areas where what I've learned from bob has come in really useful. Building relationships is key. Its about showing the kids that you'e on their side and that you want more than anything to see them transformed.

Another area where bobs training has been really usefull Is I've started helping with "Mustard Seeds" the Christian group that runs on thursday lunchtimes. This group actually has suprisingly low numbers for a christian school full of "mish kids" I haven't yet discovered what the cause of this is yet, as I've also noticed a reluctancy of the kids to talk about faith at all in the school, almost more so than at a secular school in england. I'm also going to talk to the leaders of the International Church's (KICC) youthgroup to see If they need more people to help out there.

I've also got involved in the worship at KICC, I've started playing bass in the worship band and I'm going to start leading worship after easter. the worship at KICC is similar to what I've experienced before but it ranges considderably more as the church is very interdenominational, It ranges from really old school to really recent stuff, but its great to be  part of and to lead a congregation full of people from all over the world, all worshiping together.

KICC is in a bit of chaos at the moment, this is because the pastor has an infecton in his leg and after failed treatment here, he's been flown off to bankok for the next 6 to 8 weeks. so prayer for that would really be apreciated.

Things I need prayer for:

  • Culture shock and home sickness -  It takes so much more energy to live here, especially as I'm still not used to the culture and life here. Tensions can get quite high in the guest house aswell so it would be great if you could pray for my strength and peace.
  • Guidance in my work -  please pray that god would show me where I can help out here and how best to go about supporting my students.
  • food - I'm beginning to have trouble with the local food so Prayer that my body learns to deal with the food hear would be good
  • Health -  I feel fine right now (apart from a head cold) so thank god for that. but I seem to be constantly getting ill so for god to keep me well would be really apreciated.
  • Rain and electricity - the electricity situation here is a bit of a problem, the power just turned off here for 5 minutes and even though we have a generator at school that turns off for minutes at a time, really stunting my workflow.
  • eficiency for the next two weeks - the screen on my laptop has died completely, I've bought one from the internet in england, and my dads bringing it out here at easter but it means that for the next two weeks I have to do all my work within generator hours at school. this can be an Issue if I have alot to do, so prayer that god speeds up my processing and working speed would be great


Thanks guys. photos are coming soon, I'll try and get some of my church and my workplace.

More from me soon.