Summer Placement Pilot

Godstuff summer Placement Pilot 2017 DRAFT

The Godstuff summer placement is an opportunity to spend most of a summer vacation experiencing church and youthwork. The time will include training, teaching and debrief with experienced trainers in a residential setting.

Teaching will be led by Revd Bob Clucas, Revd Steve Tilley and others. Training will include FRUIT? and a First Aid course.

Our aim is to give people a cost neutral summer placement and an experience that will genuinely enhance your CV.

From Bob to Church Leaders

I am resigning from parish responsibilities at the end of December this year. I hope to have a light month or four in early 2016. After that I am willing to take a break from wildlife gardening (watching weeds grow - see pictures) if opportunities for ministry of the Word happen.



A training game for Christians.
Wherein is found the quality of Vision, the cost of Commitment and the definition of Humour.

The aim is to win fruit

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