A training game for Christians.
Wherein is found the quality of Vision, the cost of Commitment and the definition of Humour.

The aim is to win fruit

 What is FRUIT?

 FRUIT? is more than an exciting training day. FRUIT? is a complete set of training exercises revolving round a simulation game. FRUIT? is designed to help youth leaders think through a wide variety of issues to do with the purpose of youth work and practical methodology.

 Played on a game board which is just a little under two metres square with large foam dice and a unique collection of youth group members, the game itself is exciting, thought provoking, fun to play and the focal point of the package. As a contrast, the learning is subtle with many of the lessons being picked up subconsciously. It is only during the discussions towards the end of the day that you realise just how much you have taken in.

 As you travel around the board, you gain experience, gain and lose youth group members and win and lose fruit. During the game, you get the chance to exchange experience for qualities helping you to be a better member of your leadership team.

 Course participants should come away with a shared vocabulary, a sense of vision for the work and renewed commitment. During the game, players discover the quality of Vision, the cost of Commitment and the definition of Humour.

 How can you run a youth group without first having played FRUIT?

 Want to know more?

If you want to discuss running a FRUIT? day with your youth and children's team please phone Bob area code (01926) number 887792.  Bob or one of our small network of trainers may be able to run one for your group or for your area with your help.

If you are a trainer of Christian youth or childrens workers then FRUIT? is an invaluable tool.  FRUIT? is available to buy, but the first stage of being trained to use it is to have Bob lead one for you.